Over the years I’ve had too many blogs that I can’t even be bothered to count. The only one I’ve stayed most faithful to is my Tumblr account where I reblog a variety of things from the 40s and 50s, a few funny internet memes and photos of the things I’ve worn out on the town. I’ve made a few friends there who share these same interests and to date I have 163 followers which I’m fairly proud of.

I have always been keen on the idea of having a blog dedicated just to the outfit posts, but because I’ve had a Dailybooth account (where you upload a photo of yourself everyday) since 2009, I kept putting the idea off. Looking at my Dailybooth account now I can see the two types of photos that I upload – either a magnificent frock because I’m going out with friends or a photo of me in my pajamas because I didn’t do anything that day. Ideally there would just be fantastic photos every single day but I’m not a celebrity who looks glamourous and does something extravagant everyday.

So I’ve decided to make this blog dedicated to just those times that I think I look extra pretty! I’ve been putting this blog off for too long.. But I suppose it is never too late to start, right?

I hope you enjoy the wonderful things I purchase and wear 🙂



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