Film Noir

At the college where I am studying you are able to either study Music, Animation, Entertainment Business Management, Audio Engineering or Film & TV. At the end of each year we have an event called Showcase which shows parents, friends and important industry professionals what we’ve created in that year.

All second year students are given the task of creating or contributing to this showcase and every student is marked on their role in the event- especially my course. As a part of our assessment we were required to film a promotional video for each department that would tell the audience what that department does in a fun yet informative way.
In my DTV class people were broken into groups of 4 and within that group there was a Director and a Producer and then 2 helpers who would either be the Camera Operator, Script Writer or some other role- it was very flexible.

I was assigned the Business Management course and was the Director but I was also asked to act in the DTV department video. The concept was to set the department video in the Film Noir era of movie-making and since I dress 50s frequently I was apparently an excellent choice for the role.

Here are a few photos that my fellow classmates Craig Anderson and Matt Martino took while we were waiting for the cameras and lights to be set up.


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