Vintage Dress Shopping!

My Mum has told me so many times that she keeps on driving past heaps of stores that sell vintage and retro clothes in Rozelle and that the next time we both have days off that we should go- and today was that day!

We went to St Vincent De Pauls where I bought

  • An aqua top with a rainbow collar and cuffs (in both a tee and in long sleeves)
  • A skirt and matching suit jacket
  • A white skirt that has adorable yellow love hearted print pockets
  • A black and white spotted 3/4 skirt
  • A thick tartan skirt from Scotland that is also 3/4

Then we went to another Op Shop across the road where I bought

  • A black patent evening bag

and finally we went to Mint Condition.

I swear I could have bought every thing in that store! Everything was in such great condition and not too overpriced. I tried on a 60s bathing suit that was freaking awesome and fit me perfectly but it was $120 and I have already bought my Seafolly bikini.  I ended up buying a lovely dress there from the 50s. I don’t have a picture of it yet but I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to wear it sometime soon.

Here is what I wore today to go shopping though!

Top: Review
Skirt: St Vincent De Pauls in Surry Hills
Petticoat: Made by my Mum
Shoes: Novo in Hornsby (Christmas present!)


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