Love Never Dies

When I went to New York on a school trip back in 2009 we all went to see a show on Broadway. Many people were begging to see Wicked but I practically kicked and screamed until the teachers said yes to seeing Phantom of the Opera.

I saw the show in Sydney when I maybe 6 years old and I don’t remember too much of it except for the fog when Christine and the Phantom were on the boat and also the Masquerade ball scene. Since then I’ve listened to the soundtrack of the Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman version of the performance and have a ‘Complete Guide to the Phantom of the Opera’ book filled with interesting information on the novel, the musical and even step by step photos of how they applied make up every night on Michael.
So naturally when I saw that Love Never Dies was coming to the Capitol Theatre in Sydney I was busting to buy tickets. While at work one day I was cleaning under the front desk and making everything tidy when I saw 2 tickets to Love Never Dies just chilling above the cash register with a note saying they were free and to just tell customer’s about the show/promote it! I called up my manager and asked how we scored 2 free tickets/if I could go with her and she hadn’t even realised that they were free! After hearing me so excited about the musical she told me I could have them because she isn’t into those sorts of performances.

I was wrapped! I called up my boyfriend instantly and was practically crying with glee over this spontaneous find!

We booked a dinner reservation at The Glass Brassiere at the Hilton Hotel (managed to spend $200 there .. whoops!) and then headed down to the Capitol.

It truly was a magnificent night. I cried, naturally. I won’t give away the ending though 🙂

Here is what I wore;

Dress: Review
Shoes: Target
Pearl Earrings/Necklace/Bracelet: Gift from a cousin for Christmas


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