Hello Sunshine Festival

Happy Australia Day for yesterday! Huzzah! Festivity!

Ok so yesterday I worked the public holiday shift (lame, i know, but think of the money!!) and then went to the Hello Sunshine Festival which was held in Cattai. A bunch of my musician friends from college were performing and in a weird connection the guy who hosted the event (Tay) used to date one of my old best friends in Year 11 and 12! Small world!

Aaaanyway, here’s what I wore. I looked completely out of place seeing as everyone was wearing cut off denim short shorts and bikini tops or loose singlets but whatevz!

There also was a really great band called The Merry Pranksters!

The lead singer kind of had this 60s style going on and the music was very catchy, kind of She and Him esque!

Shirt: Op Shop in Rozelle
Capris: Op Shop in Glebe


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