By the way,

I forgot to tell you how adorable Saca was when we went to see Love Never Dies the other month!

Just so you get the jist of what happened I’ll set the scene:
The show finished, lights went up and everyone was leaving the theatre and I was still bawling my eyes out.

Eventually we made it out to the foyer and I went to the bathroom to go re-do my entire makeup (considering I had just cried it all off) and when I came out Sash was at the Souvenir Counter buying something. He pulled out the the soundtrack and I didn’t think anything of it. Anyway, we’re walking to go and get a coffee and then he pulls out a charm bracelet from the show!

What a sneaky fellow and true romantic 😀

Cardigan: Review
Skirt: Op Shop in Rozelle
Charm Bracelet: Love Never Dies musical


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