Birkenhead Point!

Remember how I previously told you about how excited I was for the Twist and Shout night?

It turns out that the morning of the event I had food poisoning- I was bed-ridden for the whole day. However it wasn’t a complete waste! I had the chance to watch a few episodes of the Simpsons, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and conveniently Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was playing on Go.

Anyway, I’m all well and good and I’m off to do some retail therapy with my sisters and mother at Birkenhead Point and then later to see Sash.

I’ve been experimenting with my hair styles (and not just my colour) lately and here is a ‘do that I find super handy.

Lately I’ve been practising my Victory Rolls and they’ve slowly slowly been getting much better. I always find that the one on the left turns out better than the one on the right but I’m sure I’ll perfect them both eventually. I find them very feminine and since most of your hair is pulled back there isn’t any hair in your face to annoy you.

(See! The one on left is far superior!)

This is my outfit for shopping today;

Blouse: St Vincent de Pauls in Surry Hills
Skirt: also St Vincent de Pauls in Surry Hills
Heels: St Vincent de Pauls in North Ryde

(Wow.. a lot of op-shopping!)


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