Miss Pin Up Australia 2012

It was Saturday morning when my store manager Michelle and I were getting breakfast (before we opened the store) that we saw a beautiful blonde from head to toe in vintage. Her hair had too many Victory Rolls to count, her waist was cinched, the hemlight was past her knee and she had ruby red lips. I couldn’t stop staring at her.
I’m just putting it out there- it was 8:40am when this happened. I just had to ask her why she was so glamourous at such an early time of the morning, where she bought her dress… and why she was in Hornsby. Seriously guys I never see anyone who is 100% into vintage fashion where I live.

She said she was going to the Miss Pin Up Australia Finals tonight, the dress was from That Shop (in QLD) and that is was being held at the Hornsby RSL. The Blonde Lady (I didn’t catch her name!) said that it started at 6pm and that I should attend.

Later on in the day I called my mum and asked her if she wanted to go with me. I finished work at 5:15 and came home to my mum in a cute black and white polka dot A-Line dress and pearls. I quickly put on my backseam stockings, red lippy and made a few curls and we jumped back in the car to Hornsby. We arrived half an hour late but rushed up to the Showroom nonetheless. I was a bit skeptical about the pageant being held at the RSL. The only 3 times I’ve been there it has been filled by either 60 year old bogans or 18 year olds in short and tight clothing with insane heels. I didn’t think that it was very wise to host something as special as Miss Pin Up 2012, you know?  I opened the giant doors and peeped inside- it was magnificent.

The stage was humongous. There were dinner tables with allocated seating (even the chairs had satin coverings with giant bows on the backs), waiters in suits carrying food up high over their heads and a VIP table (I wonder who was on there!!). It looked like a really swanky wedding. Every single guest that was sitting at the table looked perfect. I didn’t see one person who wasn’t dressed up for the occasion.

After realising that you quite obviously needed to have booked tickets in advance my mum and I felt ever so deflated. My mum never wears red lipstick and I even had convinced her to wear it for the night. In the end we went out to Darling Harbour and had dinner at an Italian restaurant called Baia.

I think that if I’m confident enough next year I’ll try out for the competition. I think I’d meet and befriend heaps of other retro gals. I don’t really have anyone that is super passionate to share it with at the moment.

I wore the dress that I received at Christmas. Saturday was the first time I’ve worn it with my black hair!
PS I totally forgot to get a photo with my mum. Next time we’re dolled up I’ll be sure to take one and post it up here 🙂

Dress: Revival
Belt: Myer


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