Shopping with Gem

After my class on Friday I was meant to be meeting with someone. After those plans were suddenly cancelled I decided to go shopping with my good friend Gem around Surry Hills. We managed to find two stores that had some pretty good hidden bargains.

The first was an op shop (I don’t think it even had a name) run by old ladies. It was quite small but I found 4 things that I just had to buy. I first found a white long sleeve blouse for $7. This is now my 4th long sleeve blouse but I really feel that you can’t have too many variations. They’re white so they just go with any skirt that you own without feeling that you just wear the same white blouse over and over again.

I always get excited when the size of a tag says “14” or “16” because it’s a good indication of what era it came from. In modern day sizes I’m between a 10 and a 12 but in older garments I’m a 14 or 16. 

The next two things that I bought were 2 pairs of heels ($10 and $15)

Then just as I was about to leave I spotted this bad boy for $7 also. I freaking LOVE that it goes in at the waist and that you don’t need a belt.

It has shoulder pads so I’m going to go with 80s. Gem and I had a discussion on how there was a lot of 50s inspired clothing in the 80s and that the navy blouse was a prime example. In the store I was a hit with the ladies that ran the store. They couldn’t keep their eyes of my stockings because they were shocked to see that they were backseamed. After a few “I remember when I HAD to wear those stockings!” and “It was so annoying having to keep the line straight” and “are you wearing a garter?” later, Gem and I went to where I originally wanted to go – Mr Stinky.

I’ve always walked past it but have always had to be somewhere else and had never had a chance to walk in and have a bit of a geez. I tried on sooooo many dresses that it was ridiculous yet seeing as I had already bought 2 tops and 2 shoes I felt that I’d be going a little too wild if I bought all of them.
I ended up buying a retro nurses uniform from I’m thinking the 70s. 

I totally just made the nurse hat out of paper on eHow for the photo above.

 I don’t know whether or not it’s a good or bad thing that these two shops are only a 10 minutes walk from my college or not…


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