Other lovely purchases

Apologises for not updating this blog sooner. I meant to post these photos of the other garments I bought at the Love Vintage Clothing Show & Sale only a day after the first post but I completely forgot about it. I’ve had quite an insane and busy week!

Any hoo, one of the first items at the festival that caught my eye was this 50s inspired 1980s polyester Jacket.
A bargain at $40!

I can’t decide if I like only 2 button done up or completely.

Cropped Jacket: Covers (80s)
Black Jive Skirt: Review

My favourite purchase from the show was actually this red woolen dress from the 50s. It set me back $225 but I love the buttons and the condition is excellent.

Red Dress:
Hat: Unknown! (Again, was just on the hat stand in the foyer at my house)
Shoes: Kmart – for like, $15. I know. I know. Calm down. They weren’t even on sale. They were just $15 straight up.

Like I said in the last post, I also invested in a vintage girdle. I asked The Boyfriend if I could upload a photo in that but he doesn’t approve…

I’ve promised myself to save and not indulge myself in more vintage dresses and I’ve lasted a whole week (shocking, I know). I was in Rozelle today and was filming on the street away from Mint Condition, Vinnies, U-Turn (also a cheap second hand store) and the Salvos and didn’t even go in! My bank account is proud of me.

I hope you all liked what I found and bought at the event as much as I do. I’ll definitely be wearing these regularly for this autumn/winter.


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