The Sydney Royal Easter Show

On Saturday I went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show with my boyfriend Saca along with his best friend Zach and his ladyfriend Brie. As a youngen I remember blowing all my money on showbags but this time I spent it on rides! They’re quite pricey.. It was basically $1 for a coupon and each ride was either 6 or 7 coupons. We went on the flying chairs (naturally), a rollercoaster that spins around, a crazy spinning arm thing and a really intense gravity ufo one.

I found an awesome little ‘Rock and Roll Milk Bar’ in the midst of the show. I saw that Elvis was scheduled to sing at 2pm but I missed it…

I bought myself a corndog (Zach and Brie call them ‘Pluto Pups’) for lunch and had a sample sausage platter in the pavilion that showcased swanky wine and cheeses. We looked at a few sheep, goats and cattle and I had to be dragged away from the cat merchandise stand in the Domestic Animal section. In the artsy pavilion I loved looking at the cake decoration section. These are a few of my favourites:

Anyway, onto more important matters like what I wore;

Dress: Review “Daydream Dress” 
Shoes: Kmart for $5
Sunglasses: Mink Pink from Glue Store
Glomesh Bag: St Vincent de Paul

Brie and Zach 🙂

Sash and I

 Twas an excellent day! Next year should be great fun too!


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