A very Happy Birthday to me!

A week today I said goodbye to my teenage years and entered the realm of being 20! It truly has been a week’s worth of celebration. On the Tuesday for my actual birthday I had dinner with my family (plus cake and candles), my Retirement Home themed party was held on the Saturday night (with some old people as decoration on the cake), my Godparents over for dinner on the Sunday (with cupcakes this time) and tonight my lover is taking me out to dinner (if he brings a cake I’ll surely explode!).

I didn’t take many photos at my birthday party because I was too focused on making sure everyone was okay and also just dancing to Zach, Matt and Mich’s killer playlists. Here is a photo of me next to my cake made by Lila and Mary of Sweet Euphoria!

I truly was spoilt this year with gifts. Some things that I’m really grateful for are a cute bag and cookie mirror, a new suspender belt, a red bracelet and a crystal perfume bottle. My eldest sister Mel gave me some cash-ola to purchase this too-cute either late 1960s or 1970s (I think more 70s) tennis dress. I found it on Facebook at the Vintage Marketplace– yet don’t be fooled by their description of ‘vintage’. Most of their items for sale are 80s or 90s.. It’s very rare to come across something from the 50s or 60s on the site. It only cost $35 + $10 shipping from Melbourne. It came within 2 days so that was pretty swell.

After going to the Love Vintage Clothing Sale and Show and seeing so many vintage coats with fur I felt my own coat was totally lacking. In Myers at the moment they are going wild over faux fur. My mother bought me a pair of gloves with a fur cuff and a matching neck wrap-thing.

Here’s how it jazzed up my otherwise plain black coat;

Fur Neck Wrap: ‘Design Studio’ in Myer
Black Coat: Dangerfield
Fur Cuffed Gloves: ‘Design Studio’ in Myer
Boots: (Super old) Diana Ferrari

Overall a fantastic birthday week!
Also, I just created a Facebook Page for this blog. It doesn’t have anything too exciting on it yet but if you want to be notified on your newsfeed when I update on here then feel free to click ‘Like’!

Simply go here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bellas-Boudoir/418999894794794

I must now get ready to be wined and dined by my lover!
Until next time 😀


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