If I was a rich girl…

I’m not really one to buy or read fashion magazines because there is very little that I actually like inside them but this afternoon I found the April edition of Harper’s Bazaar on my lounge room table and decided to have a geez.

The second page had this double spread by Louis Vuitton where I found myself suddenly pining over pastels.
The next two pages were these two photos from the 2012 Spring/Summer Collection from Prada.

It’s quite clear that high couture is having a little love affair for 1950s Americana.

In a nutshell – I AM OBSESSED. I went online instantly- I just had to know where I could get that yellow tote bag or cartoon car print jacket and how much of a hole it would make in my bank account. I was sure that the car print would be made into a dress or a skirt that I could lust over.

I really recommend looking at Prada’s Look Book and at their Print Campaign for pictures from that stunning photoshoot above.

It turns out the tote bag is $2,950. I went looking around to see where I could hypothetically buy these adorable items and I saw that there was a Prada E-store online (not for Australia though- how unthoughtful!) but there wasn’t an option to buy women’s clothing or to buy those flaming heels. I decided to make it my very own mission to find out how much the cartoon car print collection and flaming heels were and where I could buy them online considering that they weren’t available on the Prada e-store.

I googled everything imaginable: “how to buy prada s/s 2012 car shoe”, “buy prada 2012 car dress”, “buy prada 2012 flame dress” and there was hardly anything! A thousand and one photos in Google Images were showing me exactly what I was looking for but when I’d click them it would just be a random fashion blog reviewing them and saying how cool they were. I liked these “Tailpipe Pumps” but the only place that I managed to find a similar style was on an online designer store called Bergdorf Goodman.

They are selling a similar Prada tailpipe pump for $820 here.

and these Jewel Toe Flame Sandals here for $1450.

As for the retro car print  I am yet to find a place that I can buy a decent range from the Prada collection. However, I found an article by Chic & Cheerful where they compare Prada and super cheap London based brand Primark here.

I can’t believe they’re selling that skirt for only 12 pounds! I don’t know how much the real Prada dress is but considering a pair of heels from that collection was a whopping $1,450 I can guess it would be another over a grand (minimum!)

I did manage to find only one item of clothing from this Spring/Summer collection and that was at Rafaello Network.

Rafaello Network are selling this blouse for $780 here.

What I find strange is that this collection debuted at the Milan Fashion Week in late September 2011 and it’s only really being marketed now in April 2012. What’s the go? Or has everyone already known about this but because I don’t pay attention to high couture I just didn’t see it until now? Let me know in the comments! Is this the first time you’re seeing this collection?

Whilst on my hunt, I came across this skirt from the collection that I didn’t even see!

 Click here for a really thin fashion blogger (and I’m guessing model) called Sandra.

I’ve spent roughly 2 hours now trying to figure out where to buy this collection and I suppose that even if I was a rich girl that it’s simply too hard to find them and buy them anyway!

I guess I’m just going to lust over these bad boys and end up waiting until the pattern is copied and sold by Target like it was done in London with Primark. I suppose that’s just how it works in the fashion industry…


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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for giving my blog a mention!

    I thought I’d add a little extra note about car print in the UK: it’s everywhere! Matalan have some sleeveless tops featuring it, ASOS are loving it (http://www.asos.com/ASOS/ASOS-Woven-T-Shirt-With-Car-Print/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=2106189&affid=3504&r=2), Republic are too (http://www.republic.co.uk/women/new-in/miso-car-print-skirt-97997/#) – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I love the 50s Americana look but the overkill here is kind of ruining it to be honest. Looks like it’s on to AW12 for me instead 🙂 x

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