Twist and Shout’s 2nd Birthday!

Remember in February I was really excited with my new magenta hair to go to Twist and Shout’s 60s Dance Party? and then I had food poisoning and never ended up going?

Well on the 30th of March I happened to dress a little 60s for class and wore a psychedelic patterned tunic with a caramel skirt. Later on in the day I remembered via a notification on Facebook that it was Twist and Shout‘s 2nd Birthday!
I called up my best friend Matt, took off my caramel skirt and headed to Spectrum!

Now I know many of you are thinking “Yikes! Spectrum? Hot Damn on a Thursday night = underage teens, having sex in bathrooms and watching scene kids get drunk. There ain’t no way I’m going back to Spectrum. That place is shi-ite”.

But seriously. It’s fantastic! I had a lot of convincing to do because Matt had held that exact opinion about the venue. The way he put it was that “you only go there if you want to hook up with someone” but I was sure that a 60s dance night would differ to what he had experienced and I was correct!

The first part of the night was a tad awkward. We arrived and only around 20 other people were there so everyone was waiting for everyone else to start dancing. I was the designated driver that night so there was no way I was going to start the dance floor without a sip of liquid courage that early. This happens with almost every club though so I wasn’t worried. Matt and I went to the balcony and spoke to a few people but when we came back in suddenly the place was almost full! We started dancing almost instantaneously because the songs were just getting better and better. Overall a super fun night. I had work the next morning and driving back to Dural takes about 45minutes so we left ze club at 1:30am. We really didn’t want to leave at all.

Here’s what I wore…

 Tunic that you’re meant to wear with leggings but I just wear as a dress:
$40 from Grandma Takes A Trip on Crown Street
Belt: from a different 60s dress I own from St Vincents on Broadway
Boots: Payless Shoes aaages ago now

and look, Matt and I are in Issue #457 of The Brag!

(You can’t tell from this photo but Matt’s actually wearing a shirt that says THE BEATLES over and over again.)

I was only shown this picture of us in The Brag yesterday hence the post today!

Like the Twist and Shout: 60s Dance Party on their Facebook page
or click here for a mixtape of some of the groovy tunes played on the night.

Really recommending the mixtape. 40 minutes of music that you wish lasted for 4 hours.

The 60s night is on the last Friday of every month at Spectrum!


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