Blue Beat Bar & Grill

Last night I went out for 2 reasons. It was a chance to see all my musician friends from college perform in one night and it was also Matt Cicchini’s 21st birthday. I never really get to be 100% dressed up when I go to my friend’s gigs because they are always at pubs or random shabby apartments. For instance, last week the Liam Gale and The Ponytails EP Launch was at the Hibernian House in an extremely cool bohemian room with pillows on the floor but the bathrooms looked like something out of anti-extacy advertisement by the government. When I heard it was at Blue Beat Bar & Grill where Jazz is normally played I headed straight to the ‘swanky night time’ part of my closet (yes, it exists) and started contemplating my options.

As you would know if you’ve been following this blog it was my 20th not very long ago. A few girls from work know about my love affair with the clothing brand Review and gave me a gift card!  By the end of the day I already knew what I was going to buy and made a special trip to the city store within the week.  I chose a cropped 3/4 length plain white cardigan which should be good for summer when it’s just a tad bit chilly and a super sexy black skirt with a split up the side.

Lately I’ve been thinking about refining my 50s style to a little less “girly girl cutesy vintage” to a bit more “femme fatale/rockabilly”. This is going to take about 2 years to complete so don’t expect any fast changes but the new Review skirt is definitely heading in the right direction.

Aaaanyways here’s a photo of what I wore to the Blue Beat Bar & Grill

Blouse: by Miss Real (a gift from an old friend who went to London)
Skirt: ‘Melanie’ by Review
Mary Jane Shoes:  by Heavenly Daze (I bought these back in Year 10!)

I didn’t really take too many photos on the night at the actual bar but we left a smidgen early and went to a nearby pub to celebrate Chi Chi’s birthday. Here’s a picture of me and the birthday boy himself;

I must note that this photo was ‘Take 7’ as everyone was distracting Matt every time! It ended up being a very serious photoshoot where Luke Cinque became The Photographer and Mike and Kes were The Stylists. Even my ring was turned to make sure that the stone was showing. Serious business indeed.

Overall a smashing night followed by a stop by Woolies where I was shouted a Magnum for driving 🙂


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