‘Fifties Frocks’ Photoshoot

A few weeks ago my friend Stella from Stella Thai Photography asked me if I wanted be the hairstylist for an upcoming retro styled photoshoot for Fifties Frocks. I declined as I only know how to do Victory Rolls on myself and am terrible on styling other people’s hair! Instead I asked if I could tag along to film a little behind the scenes video. I thought that considering I’m in my final year in a Bachelor of Film and TV that I should be able to have some type of camera skillzz and that the photoshoot could be a stress free opportunity to practise them.

Here’s a few of my favourite photos taken by Stella!
  (It was my idea to tie up Terri-Jane.
I thought it might be cool to have a Bettie Page-esque photo!)

You can check out the rest of the photos from the photoshoot on Stella’s FB page.

As for my video: Please please please bear in mind that I truly am not a camera operator! I know that there are a few shots that are out of focus and maybe the editing isn’t fantastic but like the title of video it was ‘just for fun’! No one asked me to do it and it was purely practice!

Phew! Now that’s off my chest.. you can check out the Behind the Scenes little video I made below!
(Make sure you watch it in HD!!!)

Here’s a photo that I took of Claire Westwood (the designer of Fifties Frocks) and the girls and then one by Stella of the girls and I.

Hope you enjoyed the photos by Stella and my mini video 🙂


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