My night as Selina Kyle…

My friend Ashleigh from college turned 21 this month and celebrated it by hosting “A Night at the Movies” themed party on the 21st (hehe).
She sent out the invitations a billion years ago so I had awhile to plan out my costume. About a month ago I went shopping with my sister Kylie and my mum at Rouse Hill shopping center. We went into a store that were selling boots for 70% off and I snagged these bad boys for $30. My mum asked why I chose something so plain (because there were so many others with buckles, multiple zips, suede etc) and I replied that if I ever had to go as Black Widow or Catwoman that I could wear these boots.

We shopped around a bit more and then went into Big W. Just as we were about to leave my mum said “Hey Bella, I found your Catwoman legs!” and showed me some pleather leggings. I’ve seen so many people walking around wearing them lately and teamed up with some type of mid drift top from Supre and I totally cringe.. but my sister convinced me to try them on with my new boots. They fit me like a glove and cost only $19.98 (also known as $20).

It was official. I was going as Catwoman. But where to find a top? I googled photos of Anne Hathaway’s costume but she had a jumpsuit that zipped up,  Michelle Pfeiffer was super shiny black leather with white stitchers everywhere and Halle Berry’s version of Catwoman doesn’t count because that movie was shit. I decided I just was going to have to create my own version of Catwoman and went into Bloch. It turns out they didn’t have anything black longsleeve leotards but I figured that 3/4 sleeve would work for me if I just then bought long black gloves. It was a bit of a pricey purchase but I bought this leotard fir $50.

The next day I had work at Hornsby Westfield and decided to hit up their  party shop for some long gloves and a small black mask. They had every other colour gloves except black but they did have 2 types of Catwoman mask/head thingos. The first one was totally Tim Burton-eqsue and had the white stitching all over it but I figured that considering the rest of my costume was just all black that it would look odd if only my mask/headpiece thing was like Michelle Pfeiffer’s. The other was just all black but in packaging that I wasn’t allowed to open. It cost $30 and if I opened it and it didn’t fit then I couldn’t refund it. I was in a pickle. Should I take the risk and potentially have an awesome mask/head thingy?? Or would it be shitty quality and not fit me and I just lost $30 aka 30 cheeseburgers????

(Don’t freak out. My sister Kylie is a hairdresser and this smallish head was what she used to practise on when she did her course!)

I took the risk. It paid off. At first I thought it was a little big but then I realised it was better to be that little bit more roomy because it would be easier to take on and off and I wouldn’t sweat as much!

After searching every single Asian $2 shop for 2 weeks I finally found a really cheap pair of black gloves for $6 in Hot Dollar at Hornsby. They’re terrible quality but for one night they’d do the trick. On the day of the party I began having a mini freak out because I hadn’t found a long whip yet. I didn’t really want to trek it into the city for a sex shop and as a last resort I went to the Discount Party Warehouse and found one (yay!) for $10!

and so I was ready for the party! Here’s a self indulgent photo of myself in costume.

and here are a few photos from the party. See if you can recognise a few of the movie characters!


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