Who said film sets couldn’t be fashionable?

Apologises for not being very active on this blog lately but I’ve been running around on film sets practically all semester break. As you may know by now I’m in my third and final year studying a Bachelor of Digital Television and Film at JMC Academy in Surry Hills. For the whole of first semester this year our class has been in the Pre Production stage of all our projects and planned on shooting it either in the semester break or early in semester two. I’m producing a short film written by Kim McCreanor called T.O.M – a story of a quirky teen (Thorn Octavius Mayberry) who falls in love with his next door neighbour and follows all the wrong advice on how to win her affection. We filmed T.O.M for 4 days and then I was the 1st Assistant Director for my fellow classmate Hayden Anderson’s production called Honeytrap for a few  days.

I usually parade the hallways of JMC in full skirts and stockings but they really have no place on a film set. When I was the Sound Attachment for Season 2’s Dance Academy for the ABC we all wore the same type of clothing; a tee shirt and zip jacket, cargo shorts and comfortable shoes.
Here’s a photo of Past Bella on a shoot day back in March 2011;

So basically I’ve decided to be at least quasi-fashionable while on film sets. Here’s a few screencaps/photos of what I’ve come up with;

There are a few more shoot days but there wasn’t much of me in the frame so I couldn’t get a decent screen cap from the footage!

On Tuesday the  17th I was on Hayden’s shoot at the Silverbean Cafe on Enmore Road, Enmore. It’s filled with magnificent vintage western decor and they serve a delicious burrito! I met both of the owners  (George Reiterbauer and Lowan Nyols) and they were super friendly througout the day!
Below is a photo of George and I and his shiny vintage Chevrolet!

and here is photo of me taken by Hayden : )

Click play on the video below for a quick montage of the different takes on T.O.M! Enjoy!


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