Why howdy there!
Last night I went to a great family friend’s 50th birthday party which was ‘Cowboys and Indians’ themed. I had less than two weeks to find an outfit and it turns out it was in front of me the whole time (literally – but more on this later…).When I first heard of the theme I searched Etsy for hours trying to find a cute cowgirl inspired outfit. There was surprisingly a large variety of western skirts, shirts and dresses but they were either way too expensive, wouldn’t fit me or had insane shipping costs.

The one that I was *so* close to purchasing was this striking red dress from Irene’s Le Boutique from good ol’ Texas. It is a good price of $68 but the express shipping was going to be around $40 – yikes! What if it didn’t fit me? How often would I wear it? Would it arrive in time? What jacket even goes with this? Will my brown cowboy boots match it?!?! In the end I just closed the tab. It wasn’t meant to be…

My other love was the “Western Wiggle Skirt”  from the “Retro-Tastic Western Swing Wear” shop called Rockin’ B.

Yet spending $275 on just a skirt seemed a little excessive considering last week I lost a $10 note and was moody for at least an hour after the incident.

SO! Back to the whole “the answer was right in front of me” explanation. In Hornsby Myer, the Esprit section is situated near a variety of brands like Guess, Jag, Ben Sherman, Levi etc. About three or four months ago the “Ryder” collection by Arabella Ramsay was placed right next to Esprit. I remember liking a few of the items but no one ever really bought any of them because they were either extremely overpriced or just ugly. People who shop at Hornsby generally don’t like even spending $20 on a pair of shorts let alone $120 on a brand they’ve never heard of.

There has been a giant western themed display with four mannequins wearing the Ryder collection about 15 meters from my Esprit area for months. I worked last Thursday night and was tidying up near the mannequins when I realised I could just buy something from the collection! All of the clothes were on sale and Myer had a “Take a further 30% off already reduced prices” sale going on aaand I have a 15% staff discount card.

I bought the Ryder Denim Shirt (originally $120) for $39

and the Ryder Flannel Skirt in Red (orginally $100) for $48!

Hat: My mum’s closet!
Top: Arabella Ramsay in Myer
Skirt: Arabella Ramsay in Myer
Backseam stockings: Jonathan Aston
Belt: St Vincent de Pauls
Boots: St Vincent de Pauls (for $4!!!!)

and this is my western partner Sash 🙂

It was a fantastic night. There were haystacks everywhere, wooden tables, horse shoes dangling from the ceiling… There were even two professional fellows with fiddles who played western music and taught all the guests some new bush dancing routines! Sash and I were dragged onto the dance floor for “Heel and Toe” but my timing was totally off.

Remember for my birthday how I had an amazing cake made by Sweet Eurphoria for my 20th Birthday Party in April? Well Mary and Lila have done it again. Seriously. They look and taste marvellous.

to finish off this entry, I leave you with a photo of me and some Indians.

; )


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