A quick trip to Griffith!

On the weekend I said goodbye to my cat and hello to a 7 hour car trip to Griffith. Typically it just so happened to be  a record breaking”hottest day in Australia” so there was plenty of air-con, water bottles and icecream. I went with my mum, sister Mel and my grandmother to attend the wedding of my first cousin Lisa to her long time partner Mini! It was held in a pretty backyard under this kind of vine veranda thing that was really beautiful.


Here is a better photo of what the bridesmaids Ashley and Tahlia wore:
Ashley & Tahlia
It was quite a low key and intimate event – after the ceremony we all went to the reception for lunch and cake. I hung out with a few of my other cousins later that night and on Sunday morning we had already left for Sydney. A short but fun trip!

Now, onto the dress I wore. I thought that my family and I were leaving Sydney on Friday afternoon/night and therefore I would have enough time to in the morning to purchase a dress for the wedding. I knew exactly which one and what size it was but I just didn’t have time to buy it. When I came home from work on Thursday night my mother asked me what dress I was wearing to the wedding. I told her I was yet to buy one but that I would get it in the morning but she told me we were leaving at 7am (therefore no time to purchase it!). The stars aligned and it turned out that we didn’t leave until 9 o’clock and I convinced my mum to drop me off at the store that was conveniently 12 minutes away from home. The dress is a hard colour to describe. In pictures it turns out bright blue but in real life and in certain lighting it looks almost purple.

Spotty Dress It’s called the ‘Spotty Dress’ in Cobalt by Review – click here to buy online.

Review actually have $75 off full price dresses at the moment – but be quick because I’m not sure when that promotion ends.



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