New Blog!

Hello everyone!

I truly must apologise on my lack of updates these days. I find it just so much easier to just post a photo on Instagram and then that’s it! But I do want to get back into the swing of things because there are a few things I bought throughout 2013 that never were showcased to the world. However, I haven’t been the richest gal around town so most of them aren’t actually vintage they’re just reproduction styles (soz).

In other updates, I’m currently learning how to sew! I think I mentioned previously that I did a little 8 week course and learnt how to make a gathered skirt – but I’m moving up in the world and tackling dresses now. Also, I’ve been accepted into the Design Centre in Enmore to study things like costume, prop and set design this year! Woo hoo!

In anticipation of all the great (hopefully) things I’ll be making I’ve created a blog that is dedicated to costumes, props etc. I’ve moved my post about my Cruella DeVille, Supanova and  ‘Expectations Vs Reality’ pictures over to that blog too as they didn’t really belong on a blog about my “wardrobe” as such.

Any posts now made on this blog will simply be about vintage and reproduction fashion and other related tid bits!

The website is


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