Shoes, glorious shoes!

When thinking about 2013, I realise that it was the year of really good shoe choices. I’m normally really boring and wear the same sandals from Wittner that I bought in red and in black 3 years ago over and over but I’ve actually ventured out of the boring Bella box.

With that in mind, I thought I’d write a little piece on the top 5 shoes I bought throughout 2013 to help make my outfits complete (Note: they’re in no particular order!)

Rachel Antonoff X Bass –  “Yearbook” Oxfords


I actually found these cute-as-pie oxfords by accident because I was looking for a pair of black and white ones on ModCloth (as I had seen a pair there on a previous visit). The shoe brand is Bass but they did a collaboration with designer Rachel Antonoff and these pretties are the result! They’re made out of leather, are very comfortable and have in cursive writing some girl’s names all over them. I call them the YearBook Shoes because I think that’s what ModCloth dubbed them! Unfortunately ModCloth has sold out of these bad boys, but Nasty Gal has limited sizes still available! Below is a mini collage of all the shoes I’m lusting after from the collection – the ones that really catch my eye are the top right (all white sheer with love hearts) and bottom middle (black and gold sheer with love hearts).

Rachel X Bass

Here are two photos I had posted on my Instagram account from December. Talk about being matchy matchy!


So I bought these Yearbook Shoes for myself as a Christmas present to myself (one of many..) but I *did* still need the black and white pair – which leads me to the second shoes I’ll be talking about.

Bass – ‘Elaina Saddle’ in White/Black

Elaina Saddle Shoe

My parents hadn’t bought me anything yet for Christmas and asked if there was anything I wanted so I told showed them the shoes and it was easy as pie! You can buy them online at ModCloth OR at the Bass website.

I honestly recommend them – they’re very true to size, easy to clean and comfortable after your 3rd wear. I think they really tie an outfit together if you’re going for the real 1950s diner vibe.


Saddle shoes (or oxfords, whatever you want to call them) kind of push your already retro looking outfit over the edge and really say “I am wearing this look on purpose”.
Wittner – Mint Wedges


Not sure if you can tell, but mint is probably my favourite colour to wear other than red. It’s so fresh, fun and can you imagine just wearing hot pink lipstick and matching it with a hot pink cardigan, belt and bag?!

Well, I can. Different shoes though – (Yes, more mint, I know.. “Bella, get over mint shoes!”)
I really scored these mint wedges at a bargain. Originally priced at $159.95, I managed to find them at $39.95!

Miz Mooz – ‘Waltz’ in Red


Now these shoes are just divine and I bought them by accident. No really! I wasn’t planning on buying shoes! I was out to lunch with two friends in Newtown and I was wearing my new white platforms thinking I was really trendy. Long story short, while I was walking to the “meeting place” my cheapo platforms broke and I was pretty much walking with a limp so that my shoe would stay on. My friends beared with me while I tried on a variety of shoes from different stores up and down King Street and I was about to settle for a pair of rubber $10 thongs from the Chemist when I found Elise Design. It’s a boutique on King Street and it has aaaamazing shoes and dresses in there. Some of them are a little too-quirky-not-quite-retro for me, but I discovered Miz Mooz and fell in love. They’ve kind of got a 30s/40s vibe to them (I think?!) and I don’t actually have a pair of red heels – shocking, I know.

I wear these low heels to work because they’re high enough to do make my legs look nicer, but aren’t as low as kitten heels. My next purchase is going to one of these! I love the bottom row right (Black) and the middle row right (Red/Brown)! Eugh! They’re too perfect!

You can’t buy Miz Mooz online from their website, but you can look at the entire collection.
If you’re interested in shopping online, head over to Elise Design’s website.

Mel Shoes – ‘Apple Ribbon Bow’ in Pink


I’ve always been curious about plastic shoes. Jellies are really in fashion at the moment and the last time I remember wearing those was when I was about 5 years old and I can’t remember what wearing them were like. Were they comfortable? What if I get sweaty feet? Am I going to slip and slide? Can my feet breathe? Gah!

But this design was too cute to resist. My manager Jess at work has a pair in nude and she swears by them so I thought that I’d give them a go. In the second half of 2013 I became slowly slowly more obsessed with everything matching everything. I’d been beginning to put down the ‘Ruby Woo’ red lipstick by Mac and picking up my ‘Bimbo’ hot pink lipstick by Chi Chi a LOT more – as seen in the photo earlier, I have a hot pink bag, belt and cardigan but I didn’t have shoes (#firstworldproblems). So my sister Kylie bought me these for Christmas! Yay! I can be even more matchy matchy!

Now, I know that I said Top 5 shoe purchases… but I can’t resist posting this photo of the heels I wore to my 21st. I didn’t think to take a close up of them and put it in the blog entry on my 21st. So here it is! Better late than never!


Well that’s it for this entry! Hope you liked it!

Love Vintage Clothing Show & Sale

On the weekend the Love Vintage Clothing Show & Sale was held in the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney.
I’ve been looking forward to this show for quite some time. A few friends of mine went last year and just by looking at the photos there seemed to just be hundreds of vintage garments on racks up for grabs. It began on Friday night and was open on the weekend. I worked on the Saturday which meant the only day I could attend was the Sunday. In hindsight I think it’s a good thing I went only one day. I was there for only 3 hours and managed to spend $550. I can honestly say that I could have spent $10 000 if it was given to me.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many authentic vintage clothing in one room and in such good condition. I didn’t know where to begin. Clothes from the 70s and 80s were relatively cheap/well priced (from $25-$80) but the ones that made my heart sing were minimum $150 each. Why oh why couldn’t my calling in fashion have been for the 70s instead of the 40s and 50s?!

I brought my camera along to the event but I was so wrapped up in trying on as many dresses as I could as quickly as possible that I forgot about bringing it. My boyfriend Saca was my shopping partner and helped eliminate plenty of choices. There was a a pair of high waisted capri pants that were bright purple and aqua pinstriped but he said they were far too Willy Wonka-esque. He was probably right.

Seeing as there were many options I decided to think about clothes that I needed. I already own 4 coats and I have oodles of summer dresses but I don’t really have that many winter options. This helped me because it meant that I couldn’t be distracted by cute floral summer dresses.

In the end I bought 4 items; a 1940s woolen winter dress, a 1950s woolen winter dress, a 1950s/60s girdle and a 50s inspired jacket from the 1980s.

I almost bought an authentic 1950s polka dot sheer evening dress over the 40s winter dress that fit me to perfection. However, I thought about how polka dots are a very common pattern and that there would be other times that I’d come across dresses similar to it and that I wouldn’t be finding a 40s winter dress very quickly.

Here is a photo of me and the lady who sold me the 40s number and a man who was convinced I should enter the best dressed contest. You’ll notice that I’m wearing the same dress I wore out to the First Night Festival from Mint Condition.
Dress: Mint Condition, Rozelle
Belt: Myer
Shoes: Wittner

Here are a few photos of the 1940s woolen dress that I’ve taken today.

Dress: ‘Teena Paige Fashion’ says the tag
Hat: Unknown! It’s on the hat stand in the Foyer… Parents bought it at an auction aaaages ago
Shoes: ‘Jeer’ Wittner

I managed to knock $20 off the price because I was a ‘charming young lady’ who ‘looked like Judy Garland’. I don’t look like Judy Garland at all but I’ll definitely take that. Judy is a babe.

I’ll post photos of the 50s red winter dress and the 80s jacket soon!