The Extremely Belated Great Gatsby Post

Okay.  I’ll start off with an apology. I’m really sorry that I haven’t been updating here much – because I’ve actually got quite a few things I want to write about. I’m yet to blog about my 21st present that I bought, new items in my wardrobe and the fact that I’ve started a sewing course – but one the one thing I’ve totally neglected was an Old Hat gathering where we all went to see The Great Gatsby at The Ritz Cinema in Randwick back in May.

“Old Hat? Bella, you’ve truly lost the plot now. How can hats (especially old ones!) host a get together?!” you say.
Well, person-reading-this-blog, Old Hat is a group of people who gather every now and then and either just catch up (whilst looking fabulous) or attend events together (like The Great Gatsby) – all while looking like they’ve stepped out of another era. It’s not specific to a certain decade – although there is a definite 50s vibe in the air – you can wear anything you like!

Jesse and Tim from Like Johnny and June told me about the get together months before the event so I had plenty of time to find an outfit. I don’t know about your opinion, but for me the 1920s was only good for it’s architecture, accessories and dancing. Really short hairstyles stuck to your head and drop waisted dresses? I couldn’t think of anything worse. I don’t think I own anything that doesn’t come in at my waist (or if I do, it’s a 1960s shift and it’s fitted so you can still see my curvezz).

The trouble about dressing up for a 1920s party is that you can’t really wear something authentic. It’s either in excellent (and wearable) condition but costs in the $1000s OR it’s under $200 but it’s a see through slip. You’re then given the option of going to a fancy dress place and buying a $30 cheapo flapper dress that people wear to Hen’s Nights but after seeing previous outfits from the attendees of Old Hat gatherings, I knew a sequinned costume hire dress wasn’t going to cut it.

I went to Birkinghead Point with Jesse and we went into Alannah Hill – the place where I had my eye on a certain 1920s looking dress. I just needed Jesse’s opinion and approval. It is called the “Speak To My Heart Frock” in Charcoal. Originally the price was $429, down to $329, $149 and finally to $129. There was a further 20% off reduced items which means I actually bought it for $103.20! [Cue audience gasp here]


I also bought a white hair piece from Alannah Hill called “Gently Floating Clip” in White. Original price was $29, down to $19 with the further 20% off and it was all mine for $15.20.


Now, as for shoes I already owned a 1920/30s looking pair from a few years ago from Wittner. They did a vintage inspired range and I just HAD to buy a pair. They’re a bit banged up now and I actually need to get them re-heeled but they did the trick for the Great Gatsby night.


Now, here’s the final outfit all together!


I wore a fur shawl that night because it was FREEZING and all my other jackets were way too 50s and were waisted. But, you know, beauty is pain sometimes and I rather be as authentic as possible than be warm.

Here is a hilariously rushed photo of Tim, Jesse and I taken in the last 15 seconds before they had to leave.


and here are all the photos taken by Tim and Jesse that I have shamelessly taken straight from their blogpost about the night. You can check out their view on the night by clicking riiiiight here. In fact, please do check out their blog because they are the most friendliest and fashionable couple I’ve ever met in my entire life. Ever.


Top: Jade, Harvey
Bottom: Katie, Regan, Jesse, Tim, Me, Sash, Eloise.


Anywho! I had an excellent night and we went to an EXCELLENT cake cafe afterwards where you buy your piece of cake by the kilogram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS I didn’t like the film. I liked the costumes, set and makeup… but I hated the music choices, felt Lana Del Ray’s song was played waaaay too many times and if Leonardo Di Caprio said “Old Sport” one more time I was actually going to punch the movie screen.

I promise I’ll write about more things ASAP!


Since the dawning of time (and since I realised costume parties were my calling in life) I’ve been contemplating a great enough theme to have at my 21st. I’ve had/attended some great themes already; Harry Potter, Emo, Doppleganger, The Last Day on Earth, Circus, 80s, Black & White, Tarantino .

In all honesty, I just wanted a theme that was better than my family’s previous parties. Mel had a Bling Party where you wore a nice dress and covered yourself in jewellery whereas Kylie did a 21 Countries theme. On her invite there were 21 different countries and you had to choose one to dress as. I went as an Afrian Slave bought by the Romans and forced into being a Gladiator. I had to tell this back story to most all of the guests but I wanted to be historically accurate. Mum had a Casino themed 50th with actual Casino tables and people tending them while Dad held a crazy hat theme at Tharen’s in King Cross.

I wanted something that allowed me to go as something fun, easy to dance in but that was relatively sexy but not skanky. That was the criteria.

As you know, back in January I bought two Wheels and Dollbaby dresses – The Classic Corset Dress in Leopard & Black Satin Suppa Club Dress. I went in only to buy the plain black one, but after trying on the leopard print one I fell in love with it. The price tag wasn’t as lovely so I needed an excuse to buy it. “I’ll just wear it as my 21st dress! I can go as Amy Winehouse!”. Boom. Sold. Amy Winehouse it was. It was a sexy dress, I could dance in it and it would be ironic if I was drunk because I’d actually be channelling Amy. “Rehab” would be played and everyone would circle me and all have a laugh.

4 months later I decided the theme is “Iconic Celebrities/Characters” and I told a few close friends my Amy idea. Errbody loved it and I started researching wigs (because let’s be honest, the wig was going to make or break that costume). One day I was telling another friend about my costume and who my other friends were thinking of going as. Now, here’s where I start feeling guilty as I type this… I told my bestfriend Jo that my friend Kasia was going as Katy Perry. Jo then goes “But you love Katy Perry! Why wouldn’t you go as Katy?! Don’t you want to be her?!” and at first I replied “Nah nah it’s all good. Seriously the Winehouse costume will be awesome.” Then, for the whole day at work I was thinking about all the endless costume ideas and possibilities if I was going to be Katy Perry and it was as if I lost all interest in Wino. That night I was googling like a mofo pictures of Katy online where she looked perfect, glam and just generally what I would choose to look like if I was allowed to magically remodel my face. If I typed in Amy Winehouse there was a ratio of 1 nice looking photo to every 40 of her looking trashy and in a gutter somewhere.

Katy vs Amy

Yeah.. I think a combination of all that googling/the Katy Perry Teenage Dream album playing in the background made me love her even more than I already did. However, finding a costume was going to be my biggest issue. It was possible to buy “candy” looking ones on the internet from party shops but I just felt like i’d look like I was 5 at my 21st. I didn’t want to go as Katy with her long black hair or when she wore a light pink wig because I was afraid either no one one know who I was or that people would think I was Nicki Minaj (yuck). Whilst google imaging, I saw Katy in her 100 different cute latex dresses and I thought to myself – that’s perfect! No other celeb is known for these dresses and it’s a combination of cute, sexy and iconic!

Boy, was I delusion to think it would be that easy! I quickly found out that there really aren’t that many cute latex dresses in the universe. Latex is generally used and worn by the fetish community meaning when I typed in “latex dress” all I saw were really sexy women in tight revealing black or red dresses that don’t cover their asses or there was beautiful Katy posing in a pastel Gumball print dress smiling. Opposite universes I tell ya. I tried EVERY SINGLE TYPE OF SEARCH. cute+latex+dress, pretty+latex+dress, pink+latex, katy+perry+latex+dress+buy, katy+perry+latex+costume, candy+latex+skirt, pastel+latex.

If I did find a latex dress that was “cute”, it just.. wasn’t Katy Perry enough to spend $300+ on. Like, I found this website called Pandora Deluxe but it just wasn’t good enough. Here were a few options I was contemplating.

Pandora Deluxe

I liked the aqua & pink dress, but I felt like it needed a picture of a cupcake or lollypop on it to make it Katy Perry rather than pastel latex. Same dealio with the light blue hatler top & pink skirt. The most KP of them all was the “Bang!” dress.. but then again Katy is KNOWN for sugar, candy and rainbows and not necessarily onomatopoeia. 

I did find a dress on Etsy by a shop owner called Abigail Greydanus. I could choose whatever colours I wanted and they had a cute doughnut design on it. But at $395, I would have to *love* it before I bought it.

I thought I’d send her a message asking her 100 questions about the dress before I bought it. I told her that I was contemplating going as Katy to my 21st and I needed to know shipping costs/expected shipping time, would my body type look okay in latex? how long would it take to make? etc etc.. and that if it was going to be too hard, I had a cool Winehouse outfit anyway.

She replied in no time and I was rolling around on the floor with sheer excitement when I read one of the sentences in the first paragraph.
” I’ve actually worked on Katy’s appliqued latex dresses so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the genuine article with this dress 🙂 “

“If you have any other item you’d like to get appliqued onto a dress instead of donuts feel free to let me know what it is and I can send you the pricing information”. 
I sent her a photo of two of my favourite Katy latex dresses
and she replied with
“Not a problem, I could do either of those design styles for you (I have the same applique patterns on hand and everything).”

I pretty much died straight on the spot right then and there. From that second, I had no interest what so ever about Amy Winehouse. All I wanted was to be a California Gurl, wear a blue wig and prance around with cupcakes.

My FAVOURITE one is the aqua with pink palm trees she wore during a performance once.KatyPalmTree
However, I just felt like it wasn’t “iconic” Katy enough. I chose this baby blue dress with fairy floss (or icecream!) in the end because it’s on her Sims expansion pack cover which I quite frequently play.
The diet began on the 4th of April when I paid for the dress. I had exactly one month to lose any type of “comfortable relationship” fat I had on my body.  All the ladies who have had a boyfriend for 1 year & a half + know what I’m talking about. It’s when you’re not “overweight” but you’ve definitely put on a bit of weight since you were single and ready to mingle. I’m happy to report that whenever I did break my “healthy” diet regime that I gave $2 to whoever was eating with me as a punishment for giving in. I only had a McDonalds cheeseburger twice during this diet and that was because I was having huuuuuge mood swings at work because I wasn’t getting my junk food fix. Kinda like that Snickers AD but with McDonalds cheeseburgers.I did the Cardio Twister workout for half an hour roughly like 5 times in the last two weeks before the party. I advanced to the Rip & Ride workout pretty quickly.cardiotwister-cardiotwist
and I did try the Cabbage Soup Diet in the last week. It’s kinda a diet where you lose up to 5kg in 1 week (lol) because you eat limited food and they’re all vegetable type things. Long story short, I learnt how to cook soup from DivasCanCook on youtube and it actually was delicious but I need variety in my food. I couldn’t do it for 7 days – I lasted 3 and a half, then bought Lasanga.On the day of my party, Lauren from MAC Castle Towers did my makeup absolutely perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for anything better! Here’s a gorgeous photo of my eyes alongside my not so pretty slick back hair.Eye Makeup

aaaanyways, in the end I decided that instead of Iconic Celebrities/Characters that I’d make it Pop Culture instead. It had more of a ring to it and I remembered it from my friend Natasha’s 18th a few years ago. Here are a few of my favourite photos of the night;

BellaCupcakesSashBellaSash as Dr Who ❤MeKaylaChrissyEliciaDavid Bowie, Amy Winehouse & Minnie Mouse!GoldieLocksSallyGoldilocks & Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas
BellaLeaMe, shakin’ my thang
BeyonceSalvadoreRainbowFishBjork Beyonce (Single Ladies), Salvador Dali, The Rainbow Fish, BjorkVelmaGangsterAn American Gangster & Velma from ChicagobestieeeesEdie Sedgwick, Britney Spears from Circus, Scary Spice & Katy Perry (excuse the bra!)

Superman,  Olive Oil & Popeye, Finn & Jake from Adventure Time, Fry from Futurama, Lady Gaga, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffanys, Wally, LMFAO, Morticia Addams… and especially to Jenna Pres who was “The Morning After”. Here she is with Cam as Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Jenna had the messy hair, men’s shirt and last night’s makeup on which is featured in almost all popular culture films- a costume I never thought of! My hat is off to you!


It was an aaaamazing night. I was seriously on the DF the whole night and surprisingly wasn’t drunk until the last hour. My fondest memory of the night was when California Gurls was playing. I was in the middle of the dance floor, swishing my blue hair around and Snoop Dog/everyone went “Katy my lady” and I yelled “YEAH” (in time with Katy) – BECAUSE WE WERE ONE.

Maybe in Summer/when I have more money I’ll ask Abigail to make the Palm Tree dress!

Ok I’m too obssessed. I’ll stop writing now.


Cat Flats

Quite a few months ago I was scrolling through my dashboard on Tumblr and someone I followed had reblogged a picture of Taylor Swift wearing the cutest ballet flats in the universe (according to me).

taylor swiftI loved them instantly and googled “Taylor Swift Cat Flats” and found out they were by Charlotte Olympia and called Kitty Flats. They’re available to buy online here on her website but the price tag ain’t pretty. £465 is what they are asking for these bad boys which works out to be roughly AU$673.

It was one of those moments where I couldn’t justify spending money that I didn’t even have to begin with and I moved on with my life.

Recently I’ve been living on roughly $10 a day because last week I spent $375 on new car tyres and $500 on my car rego. My lovely boyfriend Sash noticed that I had $0.26 in my bank account and gave me $150 to last 9 days. Most of it went to petrol, hiring a white floor length coat for my Cruella Deville costume and staff parking but I managed to have roughly $37ish left on Monday. I spent my lunchbreak with my pal Steph and I splurged on an $7.90 chicken schnitzel wrap because I could definitely survive Tues/Wed with about $29 to my name .
[NB: For those who don’t know, I get paid fortnightly on Thursdays].

With a whole five minutes remaining of our break I asked if we could venture into Rubi Shoes quickly just to browse. As soon as I entered the store the first pair of shoes that caught my eye were none other than almost an exact replica of the “Kitty Flats”. I almost fainted and whipped off my white ballet flats and agonised over what size to get. I had only 4 minutes left of my break and I needed to buy them at that moment or else I would surely die.
I briskly walked up to the counter and poured out every single coin and note in my wallet. It totalled to $29.00 and the shoes of course cost $29.95. Instantly I regretted choosing an expensive, healthy wrap over the McDonalds loose change menu. I was standing at the register, counting and recounting the money hoping an extra 95 cents would appear magically but nothing happened.

Feverishly checking my phone I had 2 minutes left until I had to go back to my counter in Myers and it struck me – I simply asked the most commonly asked retail question “Is there a minimum on eftpos?”. The sales assistant then spoke the word that made my heart sing “Nope”.  Obviously with my $0.26 bank balance it couldn’t be me to save the day but Steph rose to the both the challenge and the counter and paid the remaining 95c.

Practically skipping into Myer with joy, I immediately took off my white old flats and slipped into my new cat flats.I’m pretty sure I actually went to every staff member and meowed at them with my feet – including Louis on Level 2 in Electrical. I *completely* forget that how I needed $5 to pay for Westfield Staff Parking but fortunately Louis lended it to me. He understood my need for cat flats and how much joy it gave me.

Here is a photo I took on my phone at work yesterday;

You can purchase these cheap replicas called the Mimi Slipper here on Rubi’s online shop.

Sidenote, I’ve googled once again “Taylor Swift Cat Flats” and found these two photos of her. If ANYONE sees cheaper replicas then help a sister out because I am already imaging the outfits I would put together if I had nude cat heels.
Taylor Swift Nude Cat Heel Taylor Swift WhiteCat Flat
and please excuse me while I pine for these ones too.. way too high for me but still the design is gorgeous.
Well. There you have it. My incredibly long winded and detailed story of yesterday’s lunch break. I’m sure it could have been summed up by saying “I found cat flats but didn’t have enough money to buy them so my friends helped me out” but then that wouldn’t have been very like me, would it?

Torque’s Rockabilly Revolution!

On the 27th of January, a retro lovin’ bar and grill named Torque held their first Rockabilly Revolution for 2013.

Back in November last year I went to dinner at the restaurant with my sister Mel and her friends for her birthday. I fell in love with the decor and proportions of their chicken parmagianna. I followed them on Facebook and saw that once a month they host a Rockabilly Night- unfortunately the nights that they have been held my boyfriend Saca either had work the next morning or we already had plans.

Finally they posted about the one in January and I wrote it in my diary straight away. I was working in Castle Towers that day until 4:30pm so as soon as I finished I drove to Collaroy to meet with Sash. We then caught a bus to Wynyard, a train to Strathfield and a taxi to Torque. When I was on the bus I was having second thoughts because it was lightly raining and I knew we still had a while to travel. Thankfully I didn’t suggest turning around because not only did I have an amazing night but it was the “debut” night of my new Wheels & Dollbaby dress.

Leopard Corset Dress 1Photo on 2013-01-27 at 17.12

It’s called the Classic Corset Dress in Leopard and it’s available here on their website.
I’ve been pining over it for awhile but could never justify spending that much money on a dress – however, I have future plans for it that I am keeping a secret.

When we arrived at Torque there was an abundance of vintage cars surrounding the restaurant. Greasers smoked cigarettes, girls with backseam stockings were leaning against the cars and I knew it was going to be a great night. We ordered two Old Skool Hamburgers (with fries of course), sat down at a table and watched all the magnificent swing dancers in action. There was a live band called the Vintage Overdrive that really had the crowd dancing all night. I lured Sash out to this event under the pretence of “there’s a live band, awesome food and we can dance a little” – but after 30 seconds of just watching the other dancers we both looked at eachother and telepathically acknowledged that we were not dancing that night.

Sash and I did a few swing dancing lessons about a year ago and it seems as if it has all been wiped from our memories. People aged from 8-70 danced like professionals and even were swapping partners. No way were we going on that floor.

Here is a video by Benjamin Sutherland of a few of the cars out front of the restaurant.
From about 5:28 onwards you can hear the Vintage Overdrive playing and a glimpse at all the swing dancing!!

This is a look at the retro inspired menu that Torque had made especially for the night.

The only downside to the night was the $140 cab ride Sash and I shared back to Collaroy from Strathfield – but I’m super glad I went.

I forgot my camera for the night and when I tried taking photos on Sash’s iphone they turned out dark and blurry. Click here for the photo album from Torque’s facebook page if you’re interested. There aren’t that many photos but you’ll get the jist.

Aaaanyways, I know I’ve already posted about my red leopard print top and shoes back in June 2012, but I wanted to show how cute the looked teamed with a full skirt and a cat mask! I wore this outfit to my friend Kristi’s Masquerade themed 21st on the 25th of January.

Photo on 2013-01-25 at 19.00 #4

In case you needed reminding;
Top: ‘Hungry Heart’ top by Revival from Dangerfield
Skirt: ‘Jive’ skirt by Review (2 years ago..)
Heels: Guess
Stockings: “Dotti” stockings by Honey Birdette
Mask: $5 from the Dural Discount Party Warehouse

Photo on 2013-01-25 at 19.04 #2
Photo on 2013-01-25 at 19.09
and here is a photo of some of my friends from college in our “muck up” photo

I wonder if my next purchase is leopard print too…


Why howdy there!
Last night I went to a great family friend’s 50th birthday party which was ‘Cowboys and Indians’ themed. I had less than two weeks to find an outfit and it turns out it was in front of me the whole time (literally – but more on this later…).When I first heard of the theme I searched Etsy for hours trying to find a cute cowgirl inspired outfit. There was surprisingly a large variety of western skirts, shirts and dresses but they were either way too expensive, wouldn’t fit me or had insane shipping costs.

The one that I was *so* close to purchasing was this striking red dress from Irene’s Le Boutique from good ol’ Texas. It is a good price of $68 but the express shipping was going to be around $40 – yikes! What if it didn’t fit me? How often would I wear it? Would it arrive in time? What jacket even goes with this? Will my brown cowboy boots match it?!?! In the end I just closed the tab. It wasn’t meant to be…

My other love was the “Western Wiggle Skirt”  from the “Retro-Tastic Western Swing Wear” shop called Rockin’ B.

Yet spending $275 on just a skirt seemed a little excessive considering last week I lost a $10 note and was moody for at least an hour after the incident.

SO! Back to the whole “the answer was right in front of me” explanation. In Hornsby Myer, the Esprit section is situated near a variety of brands like Guess, Jag, Ben Sherman, Levi etc. About three or four months ago the “Ryder” collection by Arabella Ramsay was placed right next to Esprit. I remember liking a few of the items but no one ever really bought any of them because they were either extremely overpriced or just ugly. People who shop at Hornsby generally don’t like even spending $20 on a pair of shorts let alone $120 on a brand they’ve never heard of.

There has been a giant western themed display with four mannequins wearing the Ryder collection about 15 meters from my Esprit area for months. I worked last Thursday night and was tidying up near the mannequins when I realised I could just buy something from the collection! All of the clothes were on sale and Myer had a “Take a further 30% off already reduced prices” sale going on aaand I have a 15% staff discount card.

I bought the Ryder Denim Shirt (originally $120) for $39

and the Ryder Flannel Skirt in Red (orginally $100) for $48!

Hat: My mum’s closet!
Top: Arabella Ramsay in Myer
Skirt: Arabella Ramsay in Myer
Backseam stockings: Jonathan Aston
Belt: St Vincent de Pauls
Boots: St Vincent de Pauls (for $4!!!!)

and this is my western partner Sash 🙂

It was a fantastic night. There were haystacks everywhere, wooden tables, horse shoes dangling from the ceiling… There were even two professional fellows with fiddles who played western music and taught all the guests some new bush dancing routines! Sash and I were dragged onto the dance floor for “Heel and Toe” but my timing was totally off.

Remember for my birthday how I had an amazing cake made by Sweet Eurphoria for my 20th Birthday Party in April? Well Mary and Lila have done it again. Seriously. They look and taste marvellous.

to finish off this entry, I leave you with a photo of me and some Indians.

; )

My night as Selina Kyle…

My friend Ashleigh from college turned 21 this month and celebrated it by hosting “A Night at the Movies” themed party on the 21st (hehe).
She sent out the invitations a billion years ago so I had awhile to plan out my costume. About a month ago I went shopping with my sister Kylie and my mum at Rouse Hill shopping center. We went into a store that were selling boots for 70% off and I snagged these bad boys for $30. My mum asked why I chose something so plain (because there were so many others with buckles, multiple zips, suede etc) and I replied that if I ever had to go as Black Widow or Catwoman that I could wear these boots.

We shopped around a bit more and then went into Big W. Just as we were about to leave my mum said “Hey Bella, I found your Catwoman legs!” and showed me some pleather leggings. I’ve seen so many people walking around wearing them lately and teamed up with some type of mid drift top from Supre and I totally cringe.. but my sister convinced me to try them on with my new boots. They fit me like a glove and cost only $19.98 (also known as $20).

It was official. I was going as Catwoman. But where to find a top? I googled photos of Anne Hathaway’s costume but she had a jumpsuit that zipped up,  Michelle Pfeiffer was super shiny black leather with white stitchers everywhere and Halle Berry’s version of Catwoman doesn’t count because that movie was shit. I decided I just was going to have to create my own version of Catwoman and went into Bloch. It turns out they didn’t have anything black longsleeve leotards but I figured that 3/4 sleeve would work for me if I just then bought long black gloves. It was a bit of a pricey purchase but I bought this leotard fir $50.

The next day I had work at Hornsby Westfield and decided to hit up their  party shop for some long gloves and a small black mask. They had every other colour gloves except black but they did have 2 types of Catwoman mask/head thingos. The first one was totally Tim Burton-eqsue and had the white stitching all over it but I figured that considering the rest of my costume was just all black that it would look odd if only my mask/headpiece thing was like Michelle Pfeiffer’s. The other was just all black but in packaging that I wasn’t allowed to open. It cost $30 and if I opened it and it didn’t fit then I couldn’t refund it. I was in a pickle. Should I take the risk and potentially have an awesome mask/head thingy?? Or would it be shitty quality and not fit me and I just lost $30 aka 30 cheeseburgers????

(Don’t freak out. My sister Kylie is a hairdresser and this smallish head was what she used to practise on when she did her course!)

I took the risk. It paid off. At first I thought it was a little big but then I realised it was better to be that little bit more roomy because it would be easier to take on and off and I wouldn’t sweat as much!

After searching every single Asian $2 shop for 2 weeks I finally found a really cheap pair of black gloves for $6 in Hot Dollar at Hornsby. They’re terrible quality but for one night they’d do the trick. On the day of the party I began having a mini freak out because I hadn’t found a long whip yet. I didn’t really want to trek it into the city for a sex shop and as a last resort I went to the Discount Party Warehouse and found one (yay!) for $10!

and so I was ready for the party! Here’s a self indulgent photo of myself in costume.

and here are a few photos from the party. See if you can recognise a few of the movie characters!

A Purrfect Match

After the Fifties Frocks photoshoot back on May 27th, Stella (the photographer) and Tara (the make up artist) and I went and had lunch at Market City. After eating a giant kebab and looking at a few shops I had to pop into Dangerfield. As I stated in one of my previous posts, I’m  wanting to head down the Rockabilly/Femme Fatale route of vintage and retro fashion. One of my fashion idols is the beautiful Micheline Pitt of Deadly Dames. I’ve noticed her love of tiger and leopard print and I’ve been keeping an eye out for any pieces similar to her range.

















I managed to find a tight red and black Leopard print off the shoulder top by Revival for $30. You can still buy this “Hungry Heart” top (but in tan) online at Dangerfield’s website.

I had a bit of time to kill before I went to college so I popped into David Jones in Hornsby to check out their sales. I found a pair of Guess heels with the EXACT leopard print fabric of the Revival top on sale for $50. Unfortunately I couldn’t fit my 8 1/2 size foot into the size 5 heel but I asked if there were any of my size available in another store. I didn’t really care where I’d have to drive because how often do you find heels that match a top that aren’t even the same brand??!!
Apparently there was only one size 8 1/2 left in Australia and it was in Bondi Junction. Two marvellous things happened: Firstly, they fit- I didn’t drive an hour to be extremely dissapointed. Secondly, when they scanned up at the register they were TWENTY DOLLARS rather than $159.

 Last night was my friend Tess’s 20th birthday part-ay. I decided it was the perfect time to debut these matching items. I originally planned to wear it with my black Review skirt with the split up the side with some backseam stockings but it was far too cold. Here’s a photo of my outfit taken by the lovely Krystal!
Top: ‘Hungry Heart’ top by Revival from Dangerfield
Jeans: JayJays
Belt: Myer
Heels: Guess

I hope you find excellent stocktake sales like I have 🙂


Blue Beat Bar & Grill

Last night I went out for 2 reasons. It was a chance to see all my musician friends from college perform in one night and it was also Matt Cicchini’s 21st birthday. I never really get to be 100% dressed up when I go to my friend’s gigs because they are always at pubs or random shabby apartments. For instance, last week the Liam Gale and The Ponytails EP Launch was at the Hibernian House in an extremely cool bohemian room with pillows on the floor but the bathrooms looked like something out of anti-extacy advertisement by the government. When I heard it was at Blue Beat Bar & Grill where Jazz is normally played I headed straight to the ‘swanky night time’ part of my closet (yes, it exists) and started contemplating my options.

As you would know if you’ve been following this blog it was my 20th not very long ago. A few girls from work know about my love affair with the clothing brand Review and gave me a gift card!  By the end of the day I already knew what I was going to buy and made a special trip to the city store within the week.  I chose a cropped 3/4 length plain white cardigan which should be good for summer when it’s just a tad bit chilly and a super sexy black skirt with a split up the side.

Lately I’ve been thinking about refining my 50s style to a little less “girly girl cutesy vintage” to a bit more “femme fatale/rockabilly”. This is going to take about 2 years to complete so don’t expect any fast changes but the new Review skirt is definitely heading in the right direction.

Aaaanyways here’s a photo of what I wore to the Blue Beat Bar & Grill

Blouse: by Miss Real (a gift from an old friend who went to London)
Skirt: ‘Melanie’ by Review
Mary Jane Shoes:  by Heavenly Daze (I bought these back in Year 10!)

I didn’t really take too many photos on the night at the actual bar but we left a smidgen early and went to a nearby pub to celebrate Chi Chi’s birthday. Here’s a picture of me and the birthday boy himself;

I must note that this photo was ‘Take 7’ as everyone was distracting Matt every time! It ended up being a very serious photoshoot where Luke Cinque became The Photographer and Mike and Kes were The Stylists. Even my ring was turned to make sure that the stone was showing. Serious business indeed.

Overall a smashing night followed by a stop by Woolies where I was shouted a Magnum for driving 🙂

Twist and Shout’s 2nd Birthday!

Remember in February I was really excited with my new magenta hair to go to Twist and Shout’s 60s Dance Party? and then I had food poisoning and never ended up going?

Well on the 30th of March I happened to dress a little 60s for class and wore a psychedelic patterned tunic with a caramel skirt. Later on in the day I remembered via a notification on Facebook that it was Twist and Shout‘s 2nd Birthday!
I called up my best friend Matt, took off my caramel skirt and headed to Spectrum!

Now I know many of you are thinking “Yikes! Spectrum? Hot Damn on a Thursday night = underage teens, having sex in bathrooms and watching scene kids get drunk. There ain’t no way I’m going back to Spectrum. That place is shi-ite”.

But seriously. It’s fantastic! I had a lot of convincing to do because Matt had held that exact opinion about the venue. The way he put it was that “you only go there if you want to hook up with someone” but I was sure that a 60s dance night would differ to what he had experienced and I was correct!

The first part of the night was a tad awkward. We arrived and only around 20 other people were there so everyone was waiting for everyone else to start dancing. I was the designated driver that night so there was no way I was going to start the dance floor without a sip of liquid courage that early. This happens with almost every club though so I wasn’t worried. Matt and I went to the balcony and spoke to a few people but when we came back in suddenly the place was almost full! We started dancing almost instantaneously because the songs were just getting better and better. Overall a super fun night. I had work the next morning and driving back to Dural takes about 45minutes so we left ze club at 1:30am. We really didn’t want to leave at all.

Here’s what I wore…

 Tunic that you’re meant to wear with leggings but I just wear as a dress:
$40 from Grandma Takes A Trip on Crown Street
Belt: from a different 60s dress I own from St Vincents on Broadway
Boots: Payless Shoes aaages ago now

and look, Matt and I are in Issue #457 of The Brag!

(You can’t tell from this photo but Matt’s actually wearing a shirt that says THE BEATLES over and over again.)

I was only shown this picture of us in The Brag yesterday hence the post today!

Like the Twist and Shout: 60s Dance Party on their Facebook page
or click here for a mixtape of some of the groovy tunes played on the night.

Really recommending the mixtape. 40 minutes of music that you wish lasted for 4 hours.

The 60s night is on the last Friday of every month at Spectrum!

The Sydney Royal Easter Show

On Saturday I went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show with my boyfriend Saca along with his best friend Zach and his ladyfriend Brie. As a youngen I remember blowing all my money on showbags but this time I spent it on rides! They’re quite pricey.. It was basically $1 for a coupon and each ride was either 6 or 7 coupons. We went on the flying chairs (naturally), a rollercoaster that spins around, a crazy spinning arm thing and a really intense gravity ufo one.

I found an awesome little ‘Rock and Roll Milk Bar’ in the midst of the show. I saw that Elvis was scheduled to sing at 2pm but I missed it…

I bought myself a corndog (Zach and Brie call them ‘Pluto Pups’) for lunch and had a sample sausage platter in the pavilion that showcased swanky wine and cheeses. We looked at a few sheep, goats and cattle and I had to be dragged away from the cat merchandise stand in the Domestic Animal section. In the artsy pavilion I loved looking at the cake decoration section. These are a few of my favourites:

Anyway, onto more important matters like what I wore;

Dress: Review “Daydream Dress” 
Shoes: Kmart for $5
Sunglasses: Mink Pink from Glue Store
Glomesh Bag: St Vincent de Paul

Brie and Zach 🙂

Sash and I

 Twas an excellent day! Next year should be great fun too!